There are a lot of good photographers out there. What makes you decide on who to hire? Is it cost, style, experience, trust, compatibility? I believe it is all those reasons and more. All of us each sees the world thru our own eyes. My job is to understand what you need, and bring my experience, passion and imagination to bear on solving your problems.

I have had a long career doing many types of work, from shooting architecture in big cities to taking photos in the deepest wilderness. My current direction of interest is taking me back into doing more outdoor oriented and environmental work for corporations, non-profit and environmental groups. I can shoot from the land, air or underwater and can travel on short notice.


"I am always impressed with John's video's. He does such great work and the beauty of his nature photos are amazing." - Lower Elwha Klallam tribe


"Not only your persistence and talent in creating the film, but the ongoing sharing of your photography and often whimsical observations." - Friends of Ennis Creek

Video/Film Production...

Video informs and persuades better than any other media type. It is a very powerful tool for reaching an audience and making an emotional connection. Video production is a team sport, I would love to collaborate with you on your message. Balancing creativity and technology, we have in-house post production capabilities as well the latest camera gear and accessories to take your story from start to finish.

One of my most personal rewarding projects was making a feature length documentary called "Return of the River", a story of the largest dam removal in history on the Elwha River. Dear to my heart and fueled by passion, this was 4 years in the making, and with the help of my partner Jessica Plumb, we produced an award winning film shown worldwide to eager audiences wanting to witness an environmental film with a happy ending. Learn more at


Use Doubleclick Productions and take advantage of new technology to get dramatic aerial perspectives. By using low-altitude UAV (drone) aircraft, we create eye-catching views at a lower cost and with more unique advantages than from an airplane or standard helicopter. Just going out and buying a drone does not make someone a good aerial photographer, by combining the skill set of hundreds of hours of UAV piloting with the experienced eye of a professional photographer will guarantee you top quality results.

* Stills
* Video
* Aerial 360 Panoramas - (see the world in the bigger picture)
* Aerial Mapping - (geo-referenced, hi resolution, repeatable coverage)

Licensed and insured to fly commercial UAV assignment work.


"Damn John, you use that drone like Bierstadt uses brushes"

stock photos

"Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your images, and I tuck many in a ‘Gussman’ folder on my laptop." - NOSC

Stock Images & Video...

Doubleclick Productions specializes in stock images and video around the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, as well as other locations in the NW. I have the largest in-depth coverage of the Elwha River and the dam removal process covering from 2009 til present. as well as a large collection of over 25,000 photographs, as well as terabytes of video (including aerial footage) of natural landscapes, wildlife, adventure sports, and other active outdoor lifestyle topics for commercial or editorial needs. I also produce high quality fine art prints suitable for personal of commercial use. If you have any specific needs just call or me and we can work out the details.

Location/Guide Services...

If you need to know the best locations for film or TV productions for any season on the Olympic Peninsula, I can help you out. Eliminate the unknown and get right down to the business of shooting. I can take you to the correct location for any type of project for any season. Some of my clients include Camelbak, Brian Leith Productions (UK), L.L. Bean. View a sample of the Camelbak shoot here.

location guide

"It was great working with you up in Washington. You found some great locations for us to shoot"- Camelbak