John Gussman

Dungeness Bay

From then til now...50 years behind a camera

John became interested in photography as a means to share the natural beauty of the places he travelled. After getting a degree in photography, he began working full time in 1973 as a staff photographer for a newspaper in the bay area. Moving to Washington State in 1979 to be closer to wilderness, and with Olympic National Park as his backyard, he began to photograph this new natural playground.

In 1982 John began his own business, Doubleclick Productions, and found he had a natural talent for photographing architecture and other commercial location work. It was consistent work to pay the bills, always an important factor to the self employed. After doing that for over three decades, John has come full circle in his career and now focuses most of his attention capturing landscapes, people and adventure, wildlife, and the outdoor lifestyle. John has an extensive collection of stock images and video centered around the Olympic Peninsula as well as other geographic areas. With his intimate knowledge of the Olympic Peninsula natural environment, he provides location services for commercial clients looking to film in the area.

Always looking for ways to push the boundaries for new perspectives, John has worked since 2015 using UAV drones for both stills and video, as well as aerial mapping work. He is FAA licensed and is insured to fly any commercial application for clients.

Working locally and abroad, John is actively doing projects to help tell the stories of companies and non-profits, as well as environmental organizations to help tell the story of the planet.


Winner - Jackson Hole Film Festival 2015
Best Emerging Filmmaker

Voted Finalist - Photographer
Best of the Peninsula 2018

Finalist - Outstanding in the Field Award 2019
No. Olympic Land Trust